Creating a MapCard Showcase


This tutorial will effectively explore creating a MapCard Showcase in Experience Cloud using the Avonni Card and Avonni Map components. This combination is ideal for visually displaying the location of a current record, enriching the user interface with interactive and informative elements.

Why Use These Components?

Avonni Card:

  • Centralizing Key Information: The Avonni Card is a focal point for presenting essential details. It organizes information about a specific item or feature clearly and concisely, making it easy for users to grasp the key points quickly.

  • Enhanced Visual Presentation: With its customizable design, the Avonni Card can be tailored to highlight important content attractively, enhancing the visual appeal of the presented information.

Avonni Map:

  • Geographical Context: The Avonni Map complements the Avonni Card by providing geographical context. It visually displays the location related to the item or feature described in the card, offering users a spatial understanding of the information.

  • Interactive Exploration: Users can interact with the map to explore locations, gaining a more comprehensive and engaging experience. This interactivity adds a dynamic layer to the information presented in the Avonni Card.

Interactive Step-by-Step Configuration Guide

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