The Avonni Publisher component empowers users to create and share content within your community. It provides a user-friendly interface for posting updates, messages, or articles, enhancing user engagement and facilitating seamless content creation and sharing.

🔀 Comparing Salesforce Standard Publisher vs Avonni Publisher

Availability Across Site Types

  • Salesforce Standard Publisher: Limited to Aura sites.

  • Avonni Publisher: Compatible with both Aura and LWR (Lightning Web Runtime) sites, offering broader accessibility.

Feed Item Type Options

  • Salesforce Standard Publisher: Supports posting and creating polls.

  • Avonni Publisher: Allows posts and questions but does not currently support polls.

User Experience Variants

  • Salesforce Standard Publisher: Available only in a tabs format.

  • Avonni Publisher: Offers both tabs and modal variants, enhancing user experience with additional flexibility.

Customization of Text Labels and Placeholders

  • Salesforce Standard Publisher: Lacks options for customizing text labels and placeholders.

  • Avonni Publisher: Enables customization of text labels and placeholders, allowing for more personalized user interaction.


In summary, while the Salesforce Standard Publisher component provides essential functionalities, it is limited to Aura sites and offers fewer customization options. The Avonni Publisher component, on the other hand, is more versatile with compatibility for both Aura and LWR sites, provides additional user experience variants, and allows for greater customization in terms of text labels and placeholders


Choosing a Variant

The 'variant' attribute in the Avonni Publisher component determines how the content creation interface is presented to the user. This attribute has two options: 'modal' and 'tabs', each offering a unique user experience. The Avonni Publisher comes with two variants: Modal or tabs.



Displays the content creation interface as a pop-up overlay on the current page.


- Ideal for focused content creation without leaving the page's context.

- Provides a distraction-free environment by obscuring the rest of the page.

- Suitable when content creation is occasional, not a primary page function.

Tabs Variant



Integrates the content creation interface into the page layout in a tabbed structure.


- Ideal for frequent content creation activities, offering easy access without page navigation.

- Enables quick switching between viewing and creating content.

- Perfect for community pages with continuous and dynamic content sharing and interaction.

Defining Feed Item Types

The 'Feed Item Types' attribute in the Avonni Publisher component offers two distinct types of content that users can create: 'questions' and 'posts'. Each type serves a unique purpose and facilitates different forms of interaction within the community.

The Avonni Publisher component does not support the 'Poll' feed type. While it offers functionality for posts and questions, the option to create polls within the feed is unavailable now.

We are continuously working to enhance our components and appreciate your understanding. Keep an eye out for future updates where more features may be introduced.

Feed Item Type: Questions



Allows users to ask community questions.


- Beneficial for knowledge-sharing and problem-solving communities.

- Encourages engagement with responses and suggestions.

- Ideal for support forums, discussion boards, and information-seeking platforms.

Feed Item Type: Post



Lets users share updates, messages, or information.


- Suitable for sharing news, updates, and engaging in conversations.

- Promotes community interaction and sharing experiences.

- Appropriate for all community types for enhancing connectivity.

Other Settings

Other settings in the Avonni Publisher component include customizable labels for modal, post, and question text options.

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