Open Flow Dialog


The Open Flow Dialog interaction launches a Salesforce flow in a modal dialogue within the Salesforce Experience Cloud environment. This interaction allows users to complete a process or input data without navigating away from the current page.



Learn to trigger Salesforce flows with Avonni Button clicks, enhancing user experience in Experience Cloud.



Flow API Name

The unique identifier of the Salesforce flow to be launched.

Input Variable

Any variables needed to initiate the flow with specific data contexts.

Modal Header

The title displayed at the top of the flow dialog.

Accessible Description

A short description of the dialog’s contents, providing context for screen readers and enhancing accessibility.


The pre-set sizes for the modal:

  • Small: Best for focused tasks with limited inputs.

  • Medium: The default size, suitable for most flows.

  • Large: Ideal for more complex flows that require more screen space.

Display Footer with Close Button

A toggle determines whether the dialog has a footer with a button to close the modal.

On Finish Interaction

Defines the behavior after the flow is completed successfully.

On Close Interaction

Defines the behavior when the flow dialog is manually closed by the user.

On Error Interaction

Specifies the action to take if an error occurs within the flow.

Tips for Effectiveness

  • Ensure the flow is intuitive and all fields are clearly labeled.

  • Test the flow for functionality and user experience across different device sizes and screen resolutions.

  • Be clear about the flow’s outcome in the On Finish Interaction to set proper user expectations.

  • Ensure the flow have access to run properly on Experience Cloud.

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