The Avonni Timeline Component is a dynamic and interactive tool designed to display chronological data or events in an organized and visually appealing way. It's ideal for showcasing project timelines, historical events, or sequence-based data on Salesforce Experience Cloud websites.

The Avonni Timeline is Reactive-Ready




The main heading for the timeline.

Title Style Text

Customize the font style of the title for visual emphasis.


A brief description or supplementary text for the timeline.

Caption Style Text

Adjust the font style of the caption to complement the title.

Styling Settings


Background Color

Sets the color of the header's background.

Border Color

Determines the color of the header's border.

Border Size

Adjusts the thickness of the border around the header.

Border Style

Selects the style of the border (e.g., solid, dashed, dotted).

Border Radius

Rounds the corners of the header for a softer look.

Bottom Border color (Is Joined)

If the timeline items are joined, this sets the color of the bottom border.

Bottom Border Size (Is Joined)

Adjusts the thickness of the bottom border when items are joined.

Bottom Border Style (Is Joined)

Chooses the style of the bottom border for joined items.

Padding (Top, Right, Bottom, Left)

Sets the internal spacing within the header.

Margin Bottom

Determines the space below the header.

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