Installation & License Management

AppExchange listing

You can install the Avonni Components package from Salesforce AppExchange in your instance.

Before using Avonni Components on your Experience Cloud website, ensure that you activate the 'Lightning Web Security' option. This toggle is in the settings panel under the 'Security & Privacy' section. The Avonni Components may not function correctly if this setting is not enabled.

Installation process

  1. Install Avonni Components for Salesforce.

License management

The Avonni Components managed package includes a freemium offer of 10 licenses, allowing you to use the Avonni Components in your Salesforce organization. This is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with our components and conduct live tests with specific users.

When you install the Avonni Components Package in a sandbox environment, it automatically includes a site license. This means there are no restrictions on the number of users or time limits.

Assign Access via Permission Sets

When integrating dedicated Avonni Components designed for Experience Cloud into your site, assigning the 'Avonni Experience Cloud Components' permission sets to users who need access to these components is crucial.

If someone without a license tries to use Avonni Components for Experience Cloud on a page, they will see an error message instead of the component. "You don't have access to this Avonni Component. Please contact your Salesforce admin about this error."

Guest users can also use Avonni Components on sites without login requirements, which is available as an additional feature for production org. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Give access to Guest Users

Avonni Components can be made accessible to guest users on your Experience Cloud site, allowing them to interact with and use these components seamlessly.

To enable guest user access:

  • Assign Permissions: Ensure the "Avonni Experience Cloud Components" permission set is assigned to the guest user profile. This will permit them to utilize the Avonni Components on your site.

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