Open Confirm


The Open Confirm Modal interaction in Salesforce Experience Cloud is designed to prompt users with a confirmation dialog when an action that requires verification is initiated. This helps prevent unintended operations by requiring user affirmation




The title of the confirm modal usually posing a question or decision.


The body text provides details about the action that needs confirmation.


  • header: The modal includes a header.

  • headerless: The modal does not include a header


  • Defines the visual styling of the modal. Options include:

    • default: Standard look and feel.

    • shade: A slight shadow or overlay.

    • inverse: Colors are inverted.

    • alt inverse: An alternative to the standard inverse.

    • success: Green theme indicating a successful action or state.

    • info: Blue theme for informational messages.

    • warning: Yellow/orange theme for cautionary messages.

    • error: Red theme for error messages.

    • offline: Indicates lack of connectivity or offline status.

On Confirm

  • Show Toast: Displays a brief message at the top of the page. Learn more.

  • Open Flow Dialog: Initiates a Salesforce flow in a dialog box. Learn more.

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