Avonni Components for Experience Cloud is a managed package of over 40+ pre-built Experience Cloud Components.

Your Building Blocks for Experience Cloud

📣 Avonni Components V5.1 is available. View the Release Notes

The Avonni Components for Salesforce Digital Experience Websites offer ready-to-use elements straight out of the box. Think of them as your building blocks, allowing for seamless mix-and-match capabilities to create the precise user interface you envision.

Avonni Components for Experience Cloud are compatible with Aura and LWR Sites. However, in Aura Sites, slots are not available.

Here's a brief guide to understanding our components based on their categorization:

  • Content Components (Green Icon): These components are centered around the content aspect of your interface, ensuring your message is delivered clearly and effectively.

  • Layout Components (Blue Icon): These components determine how your interface is structured, providing a framework that ensures functionality and aesthetics work hand in hand.

  • Data Components (Purple Icon): These components focus on the presentation and interaction with data, enabling you to display and manage data efficiently and intuitively.

  • Other Components (Red Icon): This category encompasses components that serve specialized or miscellaneous purposes, catering to specific needs that may not fit within the primary categories.

This documentation provides detailed information on each component and guidance on implementation and best practices.

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