Learning the Basics


Welcome to the 'Learning the Basics' section, which guides you through the fundamental concepts of Avonni Components for Salesforce Experience Cloud. This resource is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of key features and functionalities that make Avonni Components a powerful tool for building and customizing your Experience Cloud sites.

Understanding Slots

Slots are only available on LWR Sites.

Slots are a fundamental feature in many Avonni Components for Salesforce Experience Cloud, playing a crucial role in customizing and enhancing the flexibility of these components. They are essentially placeholders within a component where you can insert various other elements or components, providing a powerful way to tailor the functionality and design of your site’s elements.

Data Model Sharing with Avonni Components

Adherence to Salesforce Data Sharing Rules:

  • Respecting Org Settings: Avonni Components fully comply with the existing data-sharing configurations and access settings of your Salesforce organization.

  • No Interference Policy: These components do not alter or affect your pre-established data-sharing rules in any way.

  • Controlled Visibility and Access: The ability to view and interact with records through Avonni Components is governed by your organization's defined sharing settings and user permissions.


Expressions in component configuration dynamically compute values and update content, enhancing site interactivity and responsiveness.

Discover our tutorials on expressions to boost your site’s dynamism and responsiveness.


Setting up Avonni Data Table to display contact information related to an existing account.

Setting up Avonni Profile Card to personalize user information display

Learn more about Expressions.

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