Reactive Data Components


We're thrilled to introduce significant improvements to the Avonni Components for Experience Cloud Sites, transforming your Experience Cloud Site into a more interactive and responsive space. This allows components to communicate and update each other in real-time.

How Reactive Components Transform Your Site

Explore real-life scenarios where Avonni Reactive Data Components shine. See firsthand their transformative effect on constructing interactive, dynamic sites within the Experience Cloud. These examples show how reactivity can revolutionize your site-building approach, emphasizing interactivity and user engagement.

Maps That Tell a Story

Imagine a map showing different accounts. When you select a location, you immediately see all the relevant details, like Account Name, Description, and Industry, pop up elsewhere on the page, maybe in a neat text box. It makes exploring data visually intuitive and informative, providing a seamless user experience.

Data Tables That Talk to Each Other

Picture a table listing various accounts. Select one, and watch as another table instantly updates to show all related contacts. This dynamic interaction means your users can navigate through large data sets effortlessly, always seeing the most relevant and updated information without needing to refresh the page or navigate away.

Why It's a Game-Changer?

This update revolutionizes how users interact with your Experience Cloud sites. By making components reactive and interconnected, we're ensuring that your website isn't just a collection of static pages but a dynamic and interactive experience. This makes your site more engaging and significantly improves how users find and interact with information, making every click count and every interaction meaningful.

Setting Up Your Reactive Avonni Components

Embrace this new era by integrating these reactive components into your Experience Cloud Site. Hereโ€™s how:

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