Media Object


The Avonni Media Object Component aims to enhance and simplify media presentation on your pages. This component is essential for various media types' integrated and responsive displays, ensuring they align perfectly with other content elements for a cohesive and engaging user experience.




This property allows for the horizontal alignment of media objects with other content elements.

Enable this setting when you want the media to be displayed inline with other content, facilitating a horizontal flow and utilization of space.


Ensures that the media object adapts gracefully across different device sizes and screen resolutions.

Activating this property ensures that media objects are displayed optimally, maintaining their clarity and proportion on various devices for a seamless viewing experience.

Vertical Align

This property provides control over the vertical alignment of the media object relative to other content elements.

Choose between start, center, or end alignments to ensure that the media object aligns perfectly with adjacent content, contributing to a visually harmonious presentation.


Adjust the size of the media object to ensure it fits seamlessly within the overall content layout.

Select an appropriate size for the media object, ensuring that it complements rather than overshadows the surrounding content, maintaining a balanced and appealing layout.

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