Language Selector


The Avonni Language Selector component empowers your Experience Cloud sites with seamless multilingual capabilities, enabling visitors to switch between languages effortlessly.

🔀 Differences between the Salesforce Standard Language vs Avonni Language Selector

The Avonni Language Selector surpasses the standard Salesforce language selector by offering:

  1. Language Grouping: Organize languages by region or other criteria for a user-friendly experience.

  2. Visual Customization: Tailor the look and feel of the selector to match your website's design.

  3. Advanced Functionality: Benefit from features like menu nubbin customization and flexible menu triggers unavailable in the standard selector.

With the Avonni Language Selector, you can create a multilingual experience that is functional, visually appealing, and perfectly aligned with your website's unique identity.

Setting the Stage: Basic Configurations


  • Customize the label displayed above the language selection menu.

  • Alternatively, toggle the "Use current language as a label" option to dynamically display the currently selected language as the label.

Language Groups

  • Organize multiple languages into distinct columns using the Language Groups feature.

  • Ensure that the languages you select are active and available on your site.

Visual Customization

Icon Name & Size

Choose a symbol representing language diversity (a globe, perhaps?) and adjust its size to fit your site's aesthetic.


Select a visual style (bare, bare-inverse, base, border, border-filled, etc.) that aligns with your site's aesthetics.

Select a visual style (bare, bare-inverse, base, border, border-filled, etc.) that aligns with your site's aesthetics.

Will your visitors click a button, hover over it, or focus on it to reveal the language options? Choose the most intuitive interaction for your audience.

This little arrow is a subtle touch that points from the menu back to the component, like a directional sign.

Give your menu a clear title (e.g., "Choose Your Language") for clarity.

Helpful Hints and Accessibility


When users hover over the component, provide a brief explanation or instructions via a tooltip.

Hide Down Arrow

You can hide the down arrow icon typically associated with dropdowns if you prefer a cleaner look.


This option allows the component to expand and fill its container, ensuring a polished look.


Temporarily disable the language selection functionality when needed.

Horizontal Alignment

Control the horizontal alignment of the component within its container (left, center, right).

With the Avonni Language Selector, your Experience Cloud site becomes a welcoming hub for a global audience. Visitors can choose their preferred language effortlessly, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey through your content.

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