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The Avonni Blockquote Component is designed to enhance the presentation of quotes or highlighted information on your Experience Cloud website.

The Blockquote Component allows for extensive customization, offering a variety of styles, fonts, colors, and iconography to match the look and feel of your website perfectly.




Choose a predefined style for the blockquote.

Select a style that best represents the context or significance of the quoted content.


Set the title of the blockquote.

Enter a brief title that introduces or categorizes the quoted content.


Define the actual text/content of the blockquote.

Enter the quote or highlighted information you wish to display in the blockquote.

Icon Name

Choose an icon to accompany the blockquote.

Select an icon that visually enhances or provides context to the blockquote’s content.

Icon Size

Define the size of the icon.

Adjust the icon size for visual harmony with the text and overall blockquote design.

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