The Avonni Metric component is your gateway to showcasing key performance indicators (KPIs), statistical summaries, or any numerical data you deem essential directly within your Experience Cloud sites. With its intuitive configuration options, this component empowers you to present critical information clearly, concisely, and visually engagingly.

Configuration Options


Provide a descriptive label for your metric (e.g., "Total Sales," "Active Users"). This serves as a title, giving context to the displayed value.


Offer additional context or insights related to the metric. This can be a brief explanation, a trend description, or supporting information to enhance understanding.


Enter the metric's primary numerical value. You have two options:

Manual Input

Directly enter the value if it's readily available.


Leverage the power of Salesforce Object Query Language to dynamically fetch the value from your Salesforce data. For example, you can calculate the total number of accounts created this year using a query on the Account object.

Secondary Value

Display an additional metric for comparison or further context. This can be the value from a previous period, a target value, or any relevant secondary data point.

Prefix & Suffix

Add symbols or abbreviations to provide context. For example, use "$" for currency, "#" for quantities, or "K" for thousands.


Offer more details on hover. Briefly explain the metric or provide additional insights.


Visually represent the metric with an image, initials, or icon. This makes the metric more recognizable and engaging.

Primary & Secondary Metric Formatting

Fine-tune how your metric values are displayed:

  • Format Style: Decimal, currency, percentage - choose the best format for your data.

  • Value Sign: Auto, positive, negative - control how signs are displayed.

  • Digits: Specify the minimum and maximum number of integer and decimal digits.

  • Significant Digits: Round to a specific number of digits for readability.

  • Show Trend Color: Use color to instantly indicate positive (green) or negative (red) trends

With its flexibility and range of options, the Avonni Metric component empowers you to present complex data in a simplified and impactful way, making it a valuable asset for any Experience Cloud site seeking to provide actionable insights to its users.

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