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The Avonni Tabs Component provides a structured, intuitive, and visually appealing method to organize and display various content sections. The component boasts an array of configurable properties, enabling the creation of horizontally or vertically oriented, scrollable, and custom-styled tabs to blend with your site’s aesthetics seamlessly.

This component leverages slots for advanced customization, making it ideal for LWR sites. Aura sites do not support this level of customization.


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Set the orientation of the tabs, choosing between a horizontal or vertical layout.

Select the orientation that best suits your design needs, optimizing the layout for user navigation and content visibility.


Enable scoped styling for more focused and specific style application to the tabs.

Use this feature to apply styles that are confined to the component, preventing unintended styling conflicts with other page elements.

Scrollable & Scroll Buttons

Make the tabs scrollable and manage the visibility of scroll buttons, ensuring easy navigation even with a larger number of tabs.

Configure scrolling features based on the quantity and layout of tabs, ensuring that users can easily access and navigate through all available tabs.

CMS Content Background Image Or Content Background Image URL

Customize the background of the tab content area by choosing an image from the CMS or providing a URL.

Enhance the visual appeal of your tabs by applying a background image that complements the overall design and content presentation.

Data Source

Define the source of the tab labels and content, enabling manual configuration of tab properties such as labels, icons, and tooltips.

Utilize this feature to customize the tab data, ensuring each tab is accurately labeled and enriched with icons or tooltips as needed.

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