The Avonni Feed component offers a dynamic, interactive solution for displaying activity feeds and updates. Leveraging Salesforce Chatter feed items enhances user engagement and facilitates the exchange of information by showcasing a live stream of content.

This stream includes posts, comments, and interactions, all sourced directly from the Salesforce Chatter feed items, ensuring that the displayed content reflects the active conversations and updates within your community.

Ensure that Chatter is enabled on your Experience Cloud Sites and that the necessary permissions are correctly configured.

🔀 Comparing Salesforce Standard Feed vs Avonni Feed Components

Accessibility Across Site Types

  • Salesforce Standard Feed: Available exclusively for Aura sites.

  • Avonni Feed: Accessible on Aura and LWR (Lightning Web Runtime) sites. 🌐✨

Customization Capabilities

  • Salesforce Standard Feed: Offers basic customization options.

  • Avonni Feed: Highly customizable, including selecting items to display and setting item permissions.

Control Over Content Display

  • Avonni Feed Exclusive: Set the number of items per page, offering better control over how content is viewed.

Styling and Appearance

  • Salesforce Standard Feed: Limited styling options.

  • Avonni Feed: Fully customizable in style and appearance, allowing for a tailored look and feel.

Enhanced Interaction Features

  • Avonni Feed Exclusive: The ability to select a 'best answer' for items enhances community interactions. 💬🏆


While functional, the Salesforce Standard Feed component is more limited in customization and styling and is only compatible with Aura sites.

In contrast, the Avonni Feed component offers a broader range of customization options and superior styling flexibility. It is compatible with Aura and LWR sites, making it a more versatile choice for diverse Experience Cloud site requirements.

Configuring the Avonni Feed

Types of Feed

A vital feature of the Avonni Feed component is its 'type' attribute allows administrators to tailor the content stream to different contexts and needs.

Here's a breakdown of each type and how they can be utilized.

Type of Avonni Feed DescriptionUse Case

My Feed

Displays a personalized feed of activities and updates relevant to the current user.

Ideal for personalized dashboards or home pages for updates from the user's network.

Group or Record

Shows updates related to a specific group or record in Salesforce.

Suitable for project pages or team spaces needing updates on a specific group or record.


Filters the feed to show posts and interactions related to a specific topic.

Useful for thematic pages or sections focused on specific subjects.

User Profile

Focuses the feed on a specific user's activities and interactions.

Appropriate for user profile pages to showcase an individual’s contributions and interactions.


Displays a feed of the user's marked favorite posts or topics.

Perfect for sections where users can access their favorite content quickly.

Configuring Items Displayed Elements

A crucial aspect of the Avonni Feed component is the 'Items Displayed Elements' attribute allows you to customize the elements shown within each feed item. This customization is vital for tailoring the feed to match your community's engagement and interaction needs.

Items Displayed ElementsChoice


Displays a 'like' option for each feed item


Shows a 'favorite' marker to allow users to mark items as favorites


Reveals the comments associated with each feed item

Comment Button

Includes a button for users to add new comments to a feed item

Comment Like

Allows users to 'like' individual comments within the feed

Setting Up Items Permissions

The 'Items Permissions' attribute offers various options, enabling administrators to precisely define the capabilities and restrictions for users interacting with the feed items.

Below are the choices available for configuring these permissions:

Permission TypeFunctionality


Allows editing of own feed items.


Enables deletion of own feed items.

Best Answer Edit

Mark/edit 'best answer' in Q&A.


Users can mark items as favorites.


Enables liking feed items.


Allows commenting on feed items.

Comment Edit

Permits editing of own comments.

Comment Delete

Enables deletion of own comments.

Comment Like

Allows liking individual comments.

Date Options

In the Avonni Feed component, the Date Options setting allows you to configure how dates are displayed alongside each feed item. This feature enhances the readability and context of the feed items. This setting has four available values: standard, relative, preset, and custom.

Available Date Display Values

  1. Standard:

    • Displays the date in a traditional format, such as DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY.

  2. Relative:

    • Shows the date relative to '3 hours ago' or 'yesterday,' offering a more intuitive time reference.

  3. Preset:

    • Utilizes predefined date formats set within the system or component, simplifying the configuration process.

  4. Custom:

    • Offers the flexibility to define a custom date format, tailoring it to specific presentation needs or stylistic preferences.

By customizing the Date Options in the Avonni Feed component, you can align the date display with your site's design standards and user preferences, ensuring a coherent and user-friendly experience on your Salesforce Experience Cloud site.

Filters Options

The Filter Options in the Avonni Feed component provide a powerful way to manage and streamline the content displayed in your Salesforce Experience Cloud site’s feed. This feature enhances user experience by allowing for a more focused and relevant content display based on specific criteria.

Configuring Filter Settings

  1. Filter By:

    • Description: Set a default filter value for the feed.

    • Usage: Helps in automatically displaying the feed according to a pre-selected criterion, ensuring users first see the most relevant type of content.

  2. Show Filter:

    • Description: Enables the display of a filter menu on the Avonni Feed.

    • Usage: Gives users the ability to interactively select and change content filters, enhancing content discoverability and user engagement.

  3. Filters:

    • Description: Specify the types of content that can be filtered within the feed.

    • Options Include:

      • Questions

      • Questions with Best Answer

      • Questions without a Best Answer

      • Unanswered Questions

    • Usage: This setting allows users to narrow the feed to specific questions, making it easier to find and engage with the content most relevant to their needs or interests.

By utilizing the Filter Options in the Avonni Feed component, you can significantly improve the content navigation experience for users on your Experience Cloud site. These settings ensure that the feed remains organized, relevant, and user-centric, catering to your community members' diverse content discovery needs.

Search Engine

The Search Options in the Avonni Feed component enhance the functionality of your Experience Cloud site’s feed by integrating a search feature. This addition lets users quickly locate specific content within the feed, improving the overall user experience and efficiency.

Key Search Settings

  1. Show Search:

    • Functionality: Enables the display of a search box within the Avonni Feed.

    • Impact: Allows users to quickly search for specific posts, comments, or topics, streamlining their content discovery process.

  2. Placeholder:

    • Functionality: Adds placeholder text to the search box.

    • Purpose: Guides users with an example or instruction on what they can search for, enhancing usability.

  3. Position:

    • Functionality: Sets the position of the search engine within the Avonni Feed.

    • Options: Choose from various positions (e.g., left, right, center, fill) to best fit the layout and design of your feed.

    • Impact: Ensures the search box is placed in a convenient and accessible location, aligning with the page's overall design and user interaction flow.

Sort Option

The Sort Options in the Avonni Feed component are designed to enhance the content organization of your Salesforce Experience Cloud site’s feed. This feature lets users view feed items in a sorted order based on predefined criteria, thus improving content accessibility and user experience.

Configuration of Sort Settings

  1. Sort By:

    • Functionality: You can set a default sorting value for the feed items.

    • Impact: Automatically organizes the feed content according to the selected criteria (e.g., most recent, most liked, etc.), ensuring users see the most relevant content first.

  2. Show Sort:

    • Functionality: Enables the display of a sort menu dropdown in the Avonni Feed.

    • Purpose: Provides users with the flexibility to change the sorting order of the feed content as per their preference.

    • Impact: Enhances user interaction by allowing them to customize their content viewing experience, making navigating and finding relevant posts easier.

Styling Settings

The Avonni Feed component for Salesforce Experience Cloud provides extensive styling capabilities to customize the feed's appearance to match your site’s aesthetic and branding. Each element within the Avonni Feed can be tailored to create a visually cohesive and engaging user experience.

Styling ItemCustomization Options


Adjust overall size, including width and height.


Style main feed items (background color, font, padding).

Item Border

Configure item borders (color, thickness, style).

Item Date

Style the date (font size, color, format).

Item Title

Customize title appearance (font size, weight, color).

Item Username

Style username display (font customization, color).

Item Content

Adjust main content styling (text color, font, line spacing).

Comment Section Divider

Style the divider in the comment section.

Comment Username

Customize appearance of usernames in comments.

Comment Content

Style comment text (font, color, size).


Customize the feed footer (may include pagination or more).

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